“NATURE MADE”, Galerie Petite, Brooklyn, NY                                                                                             “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN ENGLISH KILLS?” Kings County Saloon, Brooklyn, NY.

PRESENTING THE ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT, Bushwick Open Studios site, Brooklyn, NY



The ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY*                                                                 ENGLISH KILLS: 2nd Chico’s Laundromat screening, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY* AQUA-CULTURE, McKinney Avenue Art Center, Dallas,TX**                                                                     WHERE IS THE ART IN BIO ART, SVA Flatiron Gallery, NY, NY



GREENPOINT FILM FESTIVAL, Woven Spaces, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY                                      ELECTRONIC ARTS INTERMIX, MFA Art Practice video screening, New York, NY                              CURRENT PRACTICE, Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY                                                                             BUSHWICK LAUNDRY, Chico’s Laundromat, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY*                          MENTOR-PROTÉGÉ, Protégé Gallery, NYC



FICTITIOUS TRUTHS: Exercises in Realism, Rooster Gallery, NY                                        INAUGURAL SHOW, Ethan Pettit Contemporay Art, Brooklyn, NY                                                                                                                                             BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL, The Church/BobbyRedd, Brooklyn, NY                                                                                                                   WACKADOODLE, Ethan Pettit Contemporay Art, Brooklyn, NY



GEO-LOCO, Outpost Resources, Ridgewood, NY**

Bushwick Film Festival, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY

Borders, Studio 304, Brooklyn, NY

Palmetto Film Festival, Palmetto A.I.R., Brooklyn, NY



DATA DADA, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, New York**

Returning Home, East End Studio Gallery, Houston, Texas

Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY**

Dia De Los Muertos, East End Studio Gallery, Houston, Texas                        



OCTET, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey                 

Designing Intelligence, Schmidt Center Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

Filthy Lucre, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ

Octet: Codes and Contexts in Recent Art, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY



Consent. CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY

Race and New Media. Superfront, New York, NY



Liminal Offerings. 58 Gallery, Jersey City, NJ*

Sanctuary. Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, NJ

Fire and Ash. Ben Shahn Center, William Patterson University, NJ



Cut It Out. The Lab Gallery. New York, NY

Headlines. Pierro Gallery, South Orange, NJ

Copilandia. Centro de Arte de Sevilla. Sevilla, Spain.

1st Annual Pro Arts Juried Exhibit. Jersey City, NJ             

Mothers, Sisters, Lovers. L.i.t.m. Gallery Space. Jersey City, NJ.



See Perro Redux. Jersey City Museum. Jersey City, NJ*

Weird New Jersey: the Exhibition. Here Art Center. New York, NY

Ambivalent Faces Vacillator in Exit 14-C. Brunswick Windows. Jersey City, NJ*

Skyway. Jersey City Museum at Victory Hall. Jersey City, NJ

The 111 Moving Show. Max Fish. New York, NY



O Los!. Iron Monkey, Jersey City, NJ*

Living a Culture of Peace. Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ

Soldiers, Zombies and Other Fine Americans. Iron Monkey, Jersey City, NJ

Cathedral Arts Gala. Grace Van Vorst Church. Jersey City, NJ

Mas Luchas/More Wrestling. ARTS ON 6TH. Hoboken, NJ*              



0730Too. Jersey City Museum. Jersey City, N.J

Everything Digital. Grace Church Space. Jersey City, N.J

Conversations.  Community Gallery.  Jersey City, N.J

Hispanic Heritage Arts Show. Rotunda Gallery, Jersey City, N.J .

New Kid on the Block. Rotunda Gallery, City Hall. Jersey City, N.J .



De Todos y De Nadien.  Taller Boricua Gallery. New York, NY*

The End of Life. Community Gallery.  Jersey City, N.J

Deluxe.   Community Gallery.  Jersey City, N.J.

New Jersey Arts Annual.  Jersey City Museum.  Jersey City, N.J.



PortraitsTrans Hudson Gallery. New York, NY.



From the Slide Registry.  Jersey City Museum. Jersey City, N.J.



Lowriders.  Max Fish.  New York, N.Y.**



Que es Chicano? What is Chicana?  Marie Elias Center.  Santa Ana, Cal.



Genderplex.  Puffin Foundation Ltd.  New York, N.Y.; May- June.

Particular Realities.  Trans Hudson Gallery.  Jersey City, N.J.; Feb-Mar.



Views From The Hotel Millennium. 10 on 8 Windows New York, N.Y.*

Expressionism; Abstract or Not.  Community Gallery.  Jersey City, N.J.



Promotional Copy.  Guggenheim Museum Soho.  New York, N.Y.

Packaged Goods.  Good Citizens Project. Jersey City, N.J.


* Solo Exhibition

** Curated Exhibition



2014           M.F.A. Fine Arts, Art Practice, School of Visual Arts

2000           M.A. Political Science-International Relations. Rutgers University of NJ.

1991           B.F.A. Painting-Art History. University of Houston.