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"Nature Made" @ Galerie Petit, Nov. 21st. Saturday 6-9pm


"NATURE MADE", opening Saturday, Nov 21st, 6-9pm. thru January 10, 2016, Sunday.

“Just as there is no way to reach infinity, there is no such thing as perfection. But, Nature is pretty damn close. This perfection didn't happen over night. 6 billion years is a substantial chunk of time. Yes it's true, probably most of the 6 billion people that walk the earth at this meet know the earth is very old. But it isn't totally incomprehensible for a mere human to really understand 6 billon years. Nature depends on time. Does time depend on nature? Wait that's another show idea.. This show is about artists that trip out on nature. Work made by artists that can't help but to incorporate nature into their art, one way or another. This exhibition focuses on work made from natural materials like leaves and sea shells, or art made by natural forces like the wind and deterioration. These artists don't mimic nature, instead they tap into its artifacts and cycles.” - Tyrome Tripoli, Curator.

Artists include: Henry G. Sanchez, Scott Partlow, Ursula Clark, Tyrome Tripoli, Matta Tripoli, Eman, John Grant, Nicole Pilar.

Where: Galerie Petite,

114 Wilson, Bushwick-Brooklyn

btwn. Starr and Willoughby

L Train to Morgan stop

Opening reception: Saturday,  Nov. 21, 6-9pm

Questions? Call Ty: 718 552 5600