AQUA-CULTURE @ the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

Curated by: Henry G. Sanchez

Participating Artists: Brenda Perry, Shrimp Boat Projects - Zach Moser & Eric Leshinsky, Irene J. Klaver, Henry G. Sanchez

AQUA-CULTURE showcases artist initiated projects that contribute to the widening discussion of the issues surrounding the uses, management and engagements with water sources, water ways and water bodies. The participants of this exhibition produce interdisciplinary work with social engagement and collaborations that have a philosophical inquiry into exploring an inter-relationship with an aquatic-centric culture. These undertakings integrate their real life experiences, speculations and material evidence into installations, visualizations and documentations that become extensions of the actual projects. AQUA-CULTURE examines the types of impacts that citizens, fishermen, academics, recreationists and artists have on the local hydro ecology, economy and infrastructure and examines the ethos surrounding our inter-relationship with water.