The 2nd mussel installation

Here are my intrepid volunteers Elizabeth Skolnick and David Victor Rose who placed the new mussels in the current habitat. They seem proud!

Here is the crown installed (see the Mussels for Bio-remediation page to see the video) after the mussel planting. Hopefully it will protect them and allow them to thrive.

On closer inspection...

Here I saw this clear, cold water leaving calcium deposits on the rocks in the sediment. There was no pipe to be seen. I came from underground, in a heavy gush and without letup.

Approaching the Springs

As I scaled along the embankment I heard and noticed that a constant flow of clear and cool water coming from underneath. 

The Springs of English Kills

It was during lowtide in The English Kills basin that I observed along the the collapsed embankment something that I have not seen before. It was some kind of trickling or stream coming from the base where the water receded.

Commenting on the 8-31-15 Public Planning event

On August 31st the ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT presented another planning workshop and presentation about Newtown Creek and the state of English Kills at Kings County Saloon. Once again we worked with Matej Vakula's MANUALS for PUBLIC SPACE to ask participants how they would re-imagine English Kills. There was a good turnout with interesting and of course funny responses and designs!


This is the first blog post for the ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT. This will be the depository of new information, experiences, endeavors, observation, revelations and discoveries. This has been a project that keeps giving back. Meaning that with each new season of the year provides more, new and various types of aesthetic, intellectual, sensory and natural experiences for myself, collaborators, participants and others that the EKP engages with. Obviously, I cannot create a page for everything that happens, so this is my way of keeping up with you and for this audience to understand the evolution of the ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT.