Late last month I gave a long talk about the EKP and about the conditions of Newtown Creek / English Kills to a very invested group of people who have created an organization called the Aquatorium. They are composed of residents and interested folk that live adjacent to English Kills. I explained why we see what is visible today, what it used to be and what we can do to affect positive change. I went to some lengths detailing what I am doing with the EKP in terms of creating habitats and getting individuals to design and re-imagine how and what kind of change they would like to see. Im excited to say that they were very receptive and many want to be involved. Especially when it comes to creating mussel habitats in English Kills. See the participation of Elizabeth and David from last blog below. I need more partners like them. So, I am expecting of fruitful collaboration and partnership this fledgling non-profit under the auspices of the Schamonchi LLC. I am making new friends that seem to exhibit a similar consciousness with the nature that lives around them. Stay tuned for more developments with Aquatorium!